At the first sight, it was hard to believe that the place where I am is really the one imagined for quite a long time,wondered if I would visit it ever. But when a familiar voice called out my name,I realized I am not walking in a fantasy but a real time zone. Catching up on what happened a few days ago was already hard to gulp down but I did what I had to. Daring to step out of my coveted shell had given me a hard time as moving out of the comfort zone has never been easy for me even if I believe otherwise. Eggshells were the path I had chosen to walk for the next few years in sight. From coming out of my shell that day,I realized it was about time that I moved on from one phase of this journey to another,which will turn to be an unforgettable step in the near and far future. Growing up in an environment which always brimmed of positivity, smelt of encouragement and happy times had made me a die-hard optimist. Here I am having a tough time to be the odd one out although staying odd herein is equivalent to staying happy and contented. In a place where manipulation and lies on your face go hand in hand,reeking of honesty is such a sin. Joy has vanished so has happiness and peace from my heart,wonder why peace chose to leave me when I needed it the most in the foreseen times. Knowing that I need to change,it made it harder for me to stay odd but I will at all times remain silent and honest. Love and care was all I needed,never thought it was hard to get by.
My love had been unconditional for all until the day i realized that it is being deciphered into something which it clearly is not-a charade of affection. Now I think its time I should move from this mirage of being loved. Optimism at this point will only aggravate my sense of loneliness and lack of care. Plus I would feel extremely bad if I still keep getting hurt from the bunch.
Quietly I move to the place where he is standing. Rapt attention is hard to get but when I get it,I need it the least. Suddenly I was engulfed in a hug which was surprisingly intoxicated with affection,wonder what is the motive?! That moment made me sense what staying away from toxic people can do-make us happy and contented. Unlovingly, I extracted myself from the hug without a second thought-I know the pattern. Vowing to never accept the manipulated stories and words,I was drawn back to reality. With a pat on my shoulder,I realized that my face really is a mirror to my heart for those who understand me. X-rays of my brain can be deciphered by those who know me wholly. “You could have enjoyed the moment instead of being focused on what has happened and could not have been controlled”. Zeroeing in realized that indeed he is right.