My inlaws house in Bareilly has a very loyal ,efficient and loving house help like Ramu Kaka in hindi movies. From where most precious dry fruits are kept to how many halwa plates were gifted in wedding of my mother in law to repairing electrical fittings or changing tank s Golaa or ball ,our Raam sing makes face packs, applies henna on my mother in laws hair ,makes delicious paranthas and pulaaos for my husbands aswell plays bat and ball in the drive way with my kids ! He knows when my father in law leaves for court so plucks a rose from the garden whos pots he has painted with Smosemm( snow sem) and puts it at cars baby krishna statue.Raam sing is almost a human robot or computer who once fed instructions will give water to the plants even if its raining because Bhabeeji had said so.He can climb up the attick to clean it spick and span and put the white clothes in indigo to brighten them as sun shine. My salutes to such an efficient and loving human being who gets up before us and sleeps after us and his character to be listed as perffect gentle man.To honour his service and love we each Diwali gift him 2 sets of formal trousers ,office shirts ,4 pair of different coloured socks ,a Jacket and one leather shoe and one sports shoe. Now some special characteristics of Raam sing our good man Friday…..on my marriage reception while i was getting ready beautician asked him to get Gajre( garlands of white flowers) to decorate my hair from chownk( market place) …after one hour Raam sing got Gaaajre ( carrots) panting and puffing , i searched whole market in this off season and could procure this gajjre( carrot). ONCE our neighbour came to ask for our marriage c.d ( compact disc) to watch it…Raam singh said its in basement wait ! She wondered after some time to see him bring a ladder ( seedi). Some guest were to come for having high tea and we ordered khamman ( dhokla..
A gujrati snack) ,we asked Raam sing bring khamman…he got a big bar of butter( makkhan). My husband’s client around diwali day gave some dry fruits when we were not home ,the client s name was Govind and he had come from Mahipal pur…when we returned from market Raam sing said Mahipal from Govind pur sent this to keep us wondering ! One day my boss Aalam called home to be informed
Bhabee Paalam kaa phone hei! He calls Viveka Rekha and grins with his chalk shaped white teeth when i lovingly correct him! You are so much loved oh Raam sing! I

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