Being a non science student and a Bollywood watcher aswelll beleiver when i got to know my Mother in law needs blood for anemia like a Rajnikaanth hero wearing Goggals in style, i was sure i ll donate my blood ..that was what i had seen since a child in bolywood movies”” Maa ko khoon mei doongi! ” so as a Sanskari bahoo i declared ,dont worry my blood will make mummy robust and rosy again! In my mind was playing the scene of amar akbar anthony where mother lies down and all 3 son’s blood is taken out in a bottle and given to mother and she is hail and hearty again! Also my Bollywood mind thought now we ll never have that pyaar bhari nok jhonk which most Indian household discards by saying” bartan saath rahenge to bajenge bhee” ( if utensils are kept together, they ll make noise) so with my blood in her veins why would we have any differences? When i went to the hospital for blood transfusion, i was asked to go to a blood bank…why is it called a bank i always wonder though! So my filmi sapna of one persons blood sucked up in glass bottle and supplied to other got a jolt, in blood bank i was asked weather i ate something or was i undergoing my monthly 5 days cycle..or did i suffer some fever ,cold or cough in last 10 days….i had never seen such questions in bolywood.
After this my hemoglobin ,h.i.v ,hepatitis b and c aswell blood group test were performed where i got to know both me and my husband had same blood group ,so did my kids and my inlaws…again this was Bollywood usually” aapka khoon inn se match nahi hota” ! Also there were no blood glass bottles but medicated plastics bags with a form which had donors name age ,blood group,expiry date of blood ,special information and bar code of blood bank..i never saw this in any Hindi movie!also there was no red bulb flickering while giving blood which stopped as soon as blood donation was over in most hindi movies! So ultimately my khoon daan mission never started even after eating good confectionery items that day from a bakery as i had got a covid vaccination dose just 10 days before this donation!

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