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The below script is from my upcoming book KHULJA SIMSIM.. Unlock Your Potential on the journey to self discovery… from Rags to Riches.. Infinite! which I have started to write and hope to complete soon with the Grace of God & the Blessings and Guidance of Dear and Respected Om Swami ji!🌹

F R U S T R A T E D!!

Yes. That’s what I was on that day. 

I was on my bike heading …. nowhere!

Physically I was on the road to Trimbakeshwar with no particular destination in mind. 

It was June and was drizzling a bit.

Nothing was happening Right in my life.

Rejection after rejection, failure after failure on every business front I had tried or was doing.

This was affecting my health, my relationships,.. basically every factor necessary for a happy life!

Suddenly it started raining heavily forcing me to divert from my thoughts and to look for shelter. 

I had no idea how far I had come.

I was somewhere on Trimbak – Ghoti road with dense jungle everywhere. 

I took shelter under a huge tree. It was raining heavily. I sat on the rock under the tree. Looking around I suddenly noticed how beautifully breathtaking the view was!

The mountains were covered with green velvet, with so many little waterfalls. 

I was in awe with mother nature!

From a little shrub to a giant oak, from a tiny wild flower to a huge sunflower, from an amoeba which is not visible without a microscope to a gigantic elephant so many varieties. … so many colours. … everything created to perfection in its own time… easily and effortlessly by the Almighty Creator. .. God….Mother Nature. ..Higher Power. ..say whatever!!

I was exhausted. I lied down on the rock looking at the vast never ending sky. Can’t tell exactly when I fell asleep but I was awakened by some noise! It was absolutely dark. Somewhere around 3 am!

I strained my ears to try and understand where the noise was coming from..

It was from Somewhere in between the valley, 

I started to climb down. I could hear some people talking in whispers.

As I strained my eyes, I could see some figures with huge sacks on their backs standing in a crevice in the mountain.

It reminded me of Ali baba and the 40 thieves story.

Suddenly there was a huge thunderous sound like a lightning had struck somewhere nearby and within seconds a blinding golden light started coming from that crevice!

The door opened and those people started going inside and the huge door started closing again!

I followed them and literally dived in just before the opening closed.

I was awed by what I saw inside!

So much treasure!

Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Gold… and much more!

I tried to look for those robbers and catched a glimpse of one who was just going through one door. When I went inside, I saw all of them, their back towards me, with sacks on their backs.

Something was written on those sacks..

When I saw clearly, i could see what was written on them!


Suddenly they started turning towards me.

What a shock!

I recognized each of them!

Every one was ME!



Am I or are we all really robbing ourselves of these important factors of our Life?

Are we really responsible for everything that is happening in our lives?….

Well, let’s find out!

Welcome to 💎KHULJA SIM SIM!💎

Here you will unlock your potential on the journey to self discovery..

..From Rags to Riches Infinite!

And from Rags, I don’t mean only the materialistic point of view, but everything related to poor or pathetic health that is physical, mental, emotional and of course financial health, Relationships etc..

And You know what the best part is?

When I started writing this book, I was into Rags!

And Now The Riches have come to me in Abundance!

And I am going to share everything how that happened when I implemented the teachings in the coming pages so that You too can lead an Abundant Life in every sense!

So Now let’s begin.

“KNOWING YOURSELF  is  the BEGINNING of  All WISDOM.”   -Aristotle


It all begins with this question.. Who am I?….

…. to be continued..

Kindly Bless me and guide me dear Swami ji as I am literally an Alpdnyani consistently doing mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. 

I am Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank you. I Love You!🌹🙏

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