Have you ever thought as why is that a kid always stops crying in the presence of his mother and father(especially mother)? Why is it so that kids give that additional love and care to mom? Is it true that” Ma ka Pyar 9 mahine Zada hota hai

Let’s go back and try to understand the relationship between mom and kid.

Science says that after conception within five to seven weeks of pregnancy the face and brain of the kid start developing.

That means the kid in the womb can listen and register the voice of both mom and dad. (It seems the story of Abhimanyu listening about how to break into Chakarview was based on scientific facts, amazing no that science at that time was also so advanced) and the kid can register the voice of mom, dad, and family members after his birth and responds to them.

Ever imagined the kid in the womb, if not external voice can hear the heartbeat of mom, and the sound of dubh-dubh is like a piece of sweet music for the kid and it gives him faith and a sense of security. The smell of mom is all into the kid and that may be the reason that as soon as mom takes the kid into her arms, the voice of the heartbeat and the smell of the mother gives him comfort and sends those signals of love faith, and security.

Food for thought