Inspired by Meera ji’s post on her car, thought of sharing one incident. 

In 2006 my then boyfriend wanted me to learn driving.  So i bought one second hand Maruti 800 and started learning it from driving school. 

After a month i was good to drive. One day after my office i was traveling back to home. It was around 9.30 pm. Suddenly my car stopped midway…that was shocking and surpising as i never knew car can stop midway too.

I was just opposite Aurobindo college in malviya nagar.  (If you know that area , you know what i am talking about). Dark road, no one around i was all alone…crying loud.

I called my father that i am stuck as my car broke down and i am unable to start it. He consoled and said i will be there asap.

He along with my brother and a car mechanic started from home.

Meanwhile i called my boyfriend,  he was having an important dinner meet with his client and asked me to stop crying like a baby and said he is sending his car and driver to assist me.

So i am all alone waiting for them to arrive  

Suddenly a scooter with two young boys stopped.  One boy asked whats the matter. (Anything that occupies  space and had mass is called matter, came the instant reply, blame it on my science teacher)😆

But i told mind to shut up said my car broke down and i am unable to start it. He said he can help as he is a car mechanic and was coming back from his shop.

It was around 9.45 pm and i said ok try. I am never afraid of humans as such, call it my gut feeling or airforce background upbringing.

So these two men got onto their job. Suddenly out of nowhere a women, in her late 30s with a child, appeared .  She asked all the questions like a mom. Who are you, why are you here, who are these boys and all that. (I still get goosebumps that from where did she just appeared)

After listening to my story with tears she offered to stay with me till my father arrives. Meanwhile she also called her husband and offered me to go to her house and wait till my car gets repaired. I politely declined as i didn’t want to leave my car all alone.  

So after 20 mins i had 10 people around me including my family,  boyfriend’s driver, those two mechanics, and that lady with her kid and hubby.

After sometime car got repaired, i paid a very meager amount to those boys as they were reluctant to take any monetary help. They called me behen…surprising in Delhi. 

All was divine play. 

So it was a happy ending.  But my lesson was- 2 unknown mechanic coming for help, one lady appearing out of nowhere to stand with me for more than 30 mins. This was pure kindness on  their part. 

Since then i definitely stop and offer my help to any woman stuck on road , especially with a broken car.

Also i learnt not to be attached to any mechanical thing. I had cried so badly that day, my dad and my boyfriend (now hubby) still make fun of me .

This was a small incident i thought of sharing.

PS: one day i was driving and a young man started following my car, the same maruti 800. Instead of getting scared or driving to a nearest police station or airforce station (where my dad was), i drove towards my home. I was almost home when i suddenly stopped car and got out of it. I directly marched towards the car, who was following me, i shouted why are you following my car. I was loud coz i was in my area (har kutte ka ilaqa hota hai)😆

That man got out of the car and ignoring my question, went straight to my MARUTI and touched it with love, as if he was hugging a lost girlfriend. 

He said your MARUTI is my car which I recently sold . I still love it and when i saw it on road i couldn’t resist following it.

I felt ashamed that i misunderstood that man and here he was, in a tata safari,  following a MARUTI which was his first car and only out of his love he followed it.

All these incidents made me learn that overall humans are kind, loving and genuine people,  but somehow our conditioning definitely shape our thoughts which is then misinterpreted by others.