“ A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Amelia Earhart.


Let us take a step forward and see how time and the circle of life return to where they belong. It is said that the seeds of kindness never go to waste. Now consider the story of kindness.

Vasu was a cute, lovely child who always wanted to love, live, laugh, and give. He was the one who used to let go of the chance of helping others. It could be his friends at school, people on the road, or family members.

Vasu was once gazing out the window, enjoying the early morning bliss. And soon he listened to the chirping of birds, and suddenly a bird came crashing down and banged his window. Vasu ran out to check on the little bird and found it to be lying still on the floor. He immediately called his mom and asked if he could help the little one, to which his mom consented. (It’s all in the upbringing, you see.)

They got a small box and placed some cotton in it, gently laying the bird in it and leaving behind some water and food for him to have. Vasu left for school, and all day he was worried about what would have happened to the bird. When he returned home, he went straight to the box and saw the small bird quietly enjoying the soft bed because he couldn’t fly. So for the next few days, Vasu made sure that the small bird was fed on time and got proper nutrition.

In the passage of time, the bird got healthy and was able to fly, but it never left the home and became tame, flying in the house and enjoying the company of the family member.

But was this story related to how one act of kindness led to others?

Vasu decided to help the bird, and his mother fed it ( one more act).)
The medicine and treatment provided to the bird were  again a simple act of kindness.)
The way people heard the story of Vasu, they also took note of this kindness and started to feed the birds.
Thus, all acts of kindness won’t ever go in vain.