When I finished the meditation on black lotus app today, the after thought or fact that pops up there was about PAY KINDNESS MOVEMENT, I don’t exactly remember the words but the impact that it left on me resulted in a beautiful outcome with God’s blessings and with no credit to the foolish human actor like me who just acted whatever the director(God) directed her to do. So as directed, I created a whatsapp message about KINDNESS MOVEMENT and shared with my contacts, as none of you is personally added with me on whatsapp, so I thought to share it  with you here on the website through this post. Kindly share with your friends on whatsapp by copying it from here and I hope you would surely love to contribute to this small act of kindness🤗🙏🌻

Here is the message:


The message sent by me above is a part of “kindness movement”. In this movement you have to do kind act for three people and expect nothing in return and then just tell them it was part of kindness movement and request them to do further for three people and then those three people will do for more three people and like this the goal of this movement that is to create kindness chain will be accomplished. If you cannot go out to do these acts send this message on social media and with the people you know. Send them anything good or tell them that they are beautiful or compliment them on anything good in them or listen to their problems or ask them about their health, work, life,etc. genuinely or just tell them you care about them or that they are not alone or they can trust you and share anything with you like a confidant. One good act of kindness can bring goodness and positivity in your life in a hundred million ways. Try it and keep trying it frequently whenever possible and especially when you are feeling low because I read somewhere, ” Kindness is the best painkiller”.

Important Note: This message must not be only sent to people you are on good terms with,  send this message also to the people you have grudges for, or have some misunderstandings or any conflict or you feel like you talking to them anymore because you think they hurted you . I cannot assure you that the relation between those persons and you will become good but I assure you that you will feel light because you just seeded the seed of goodness in someone’s mind and sooner or later it will bloom in your life in a way larger than what you just planted. In these tough times spread love, kindness and be more compassionate with yourself and others. God bless. 

I hope you all liked the idea which came to me from  the power Supreme to all of us. Lots of love and laughter ❤😊😃

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