Now I know why people distribute sweets when they hear good news. In happiness or joy, you just feel like giving/sharing. That’s what happiness can do to you- Give, Spread, Share. Here, the mind doesn’t even get to play a role or present its validation. Your heart takes the lead now and your hand just stretches out.

Yesterday, being the tenth day from Ganesh Chaturthi, there were many processions of Ganesh Visarjan happening. Mostly all these processions were playing filmy songs and people were dancing crazily to the music. There was also one procession where a minivan was attached with water sprinklers and colorful lights at its back, and there was water being showered by it to give the atmosphere of rain dance with music.

But among these processions, there was one which particularly stood out. They were dragging a pair of drums that had wheels attached to them. The procession would stop every few feet and a guy would play these drums which such fervor that it would instantly create an atmosphere of euphoria. The windows and balcony of our flat are all road-facing, so we could watch these processions from our windows itself without having to step out. This particular procession stopped just right in front of our window of the entrance hall and played for a while, and it was so scintillating that even we couldn’t stop smiling and tapping our feet to the upbeat. You could feel the joy just circulating all around. It’s so true that music connects directly with your heart and taps into it. I just felt like rewarding this young lad who was raising everyone’s spirits with some money as a token of our appreciation and encouragement and above all thankfulness for the joy. But the procession was already moving, so I asked my husband to follow them and catch them at their next stop. I also ran to the balcony which is at the other end of the house entrance hoping for him to play once more somewhere close by and so he did, happiness doubled. 😊

My thoughts later went on to the many TV dramas of foreign countries which I had watched where random musicians, singers, and bands would just perform on the streets out of sheer passion and spreading happiness and people would stop by on their way to their destinations, listen to the performance and pay them with some tips. It’s a good way to have some peace and fun on a busy day. I don’t know if those things happen in India too in any of the metropolitans.

That’s all for now. See you later.

Image Credits: Roselyn Tirado on Unsplash