I am residing in village and travel daily to office located in small city. It takes 50 minutes to reach the office by car. 5 km from  my house there is a junction where our village road touches the main road. In that junction there is a small shop which sells provisional items. When I was taking tobacco (now I abandoned ) i used to purchase from that shop daily.

Usually the distributors gives the item to him. Some times he goes himeself and buy items from the city. Some times some items will run out of stock quickly E.g turmeric pack bundle for pooja.

In such situation he calls me and asks me whether I can bring the item while coming back. While asking he requests very politely as if he is giving me some trouble. Most of the times i will bring the item for him. Whenever i bring items for him like this he was refusing to take money on that day from me for the tobacco that i buy.   He aslo tells me that he would not tell me to bring if i did not accept free tobacco.  To feel him happy i started to take his offer. After i abandoned the tobacco he is giving 2 chocolates for my kids whenever i bring items for him.  

I can measure the quantiy which shop keeper gives freely for me but I cant measure his qantity of kindness.



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