I didn’t want to start this article with a negative, hence wrote positive at the start. Well, the current pandemic has made life tipsy turvy for many and has also opened up many NEW paths & SELF Reflection opportunities.

Time: 11:30 am (Day 1)

It’s not that, I am not following any safety measures or ignoring them, you know over the long period of isolations and socially away, kind of makes things a little edgy. Two weeks ago met my childhood friend, Pinku in his shop (a trader of automotive parts), while everybody there was using sanitizer & wearing masks. We were sitting quite far though, another friend, Shivu joined in (a little loud in tone & expression of emotions), demanded “Dost Chai pilao yaar” (Friend, let’s have Tea), and he joined us sitting very close to my friend. We all had tea, and in then I had to rush to pick up my young dad (77yrs age) from his restaurant, 30 km away in a village.

Time: 6:30 pm

Since its Ganesh Mahotsav happening, in the evening our entire family (6 Adults, 3 Kids ) got together at one home for aarti followed by dinner.

Time: 7:45 pm

Saw three miss calls from my friend, Pinku. Drops of stress popped up on my forehead, my mother caught it (can’t hide from moms). I called back, he said our friend Shivu is running a fever and is very high (104) & his rapid test for COVID is Positive. We all got exposed in a slight slip & social manner.

Time: 9:30 pm

Told my wife about the same, she was quick in responding, please have you get tested.

Time: 2:00 pm (Day 2)

My friend updated, me he is also having symptoms and the rapid test is positive. And confirmed, 3 other friends from the same light, social, so thought of a safe “Tea” ceremony, all are identified COVID Positive. Made me think, reflect, slow down, and retrospect my priorities of life. Made me start thinking more about the aspects of gratitude & thankfulness. I got myself home quarantined for 7 days.

Few family members who were panicked in the initial days of lockdown in March till now, I received emails, messages, and calls from them to motivate me & give a compassionate suggestion to stay positive.

Time: Morning Day 3 to 9

I received Positive vibes from members whom I was counseling over the years, I got similar or rather the same positive words back from them. If “End” is well, “All” is well, made our group of friends, family & acquaintances (nearly 100+)  think through and be more cautious & be more serious in taking care of each other following health protocols.

I stepped out of home quarantine with NO symptoms what so ever.

  • Take away is, “Payback” happens but in Natures’ own time. Stay true to your words.

Sincere Obeisance & Pranaam to Om Swamiji, for allowing and giving me the opportunity to write here & present my thoughts.

Best Regards

Niren Patel