In life, we all go through tough time or face issues which are life altering. The thoughts that go through our mind are more tiring and stressful than the situation itself. We often wonder ‘Why bad things happen to us? Why the universe is against me?’ Or constantly doubt our capabilities and seek continual validation and approval. With the increase in social media platforms and the fast-paced life we live, a small hindrance or discomfort is magnified and blown out of proportion which further derails and pulls us emotionally down.

This is where we could practice the art of ‘Kintsugi’.
It is an ancient Japanese technique of taking a broken pottery and fixing it back with touch of lacquer and gold. Not only is the pottery fixed but now it’s a unique piece of art.

What if we could embrace our imperfections, and shortfalls in our lives, make it a beautiful Kintsugi with a touch of love and humility? We all deserve such an artistic life.