Hey dear one !!

Hey, how are you doing? I know you were waiting for a letter. I was so busy that I could not find time to write, but you were in my head. I know you faced a different kinds of emotions. Some days you were sad, happy, confused, and so on, but you came back more robust in the end. I am proud of you as you embraced all the emotions with grace.

 There must be one friend who stood by your side all time, holding your hand. How blessed you are. Have you thanked that friend? If not, then text a thank you message or make a thank you call now. Gratitude is essential, and practicing it daily will make your everyday beautiful. Make that friend feel special.

Make yourself also feel special as you are special. Don’t think about what others say. You know your heart. They might judge you, and they might consider your emotions as well. They may label that a drama or attention-seeking, but you know the truth. What others are saying is what they are seeing but what you are seeing is what you are feeling.

So, my dear, you are fantastic the way you are. Keep spreading happiness as you always do. Keep believing in yourself and creating magic.

Remember, you are a magician who can create magic in your life.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image Credit: Dreamstime.com