26 September 2020. Beautiful Saturday morning, day began with light fun with my Children and Husband on the breakfast table.

I got a call from my brother in law(My younger sisters husband),Mummy became unconscious and not responding ,you will have to come to Bangalore. I thought it was  his prank, as late night I had a video call with her.. we had a hearty talk.. all was great.. but the pain and fear in his voice scared me, I gave the call to my husband.

He quickly booked the tickets and luckily we got the last 4 tickets in the flight. We were supposed to leave in an hour. As it was the lockdown time with second wave emerging fast, By the time we reached airport my husband got the news of my mom’s demise. After boarding the flight which was only once in a week to Bangalore from Vadodara and the only flight on that day(Had it been 2 hours later  or next day it would be very difficult for us to reach bangalore on time.) My husband held my hand and gently whispered in my ear,”Mummyji, nahi rahe” My heart froze. I went completely blank and my heart sank in the deeper memories of my childhood and young days..I realized, from now….never again I will be able to pick up the call and say” Sarala! kaisi hai,Pranam” now ,I don’t have that ‘Special person’ in my life. Relentlessly she fulfilled our desires, our dreams were her dreams  and today she’s no more to be happy in our achievements.

First time I realized! She had a very simple living, no accumulation of stuff ,no demands, only giving nature. M  y Mom never asked any gift for herself in these many years but was super happy to even accept a gifted rose .She always shared everything amongst me and my sister. She was so Contented ,Kind, Compassionate loving soul. She gave us the best  Human Values. She was not much educated but her Conduct was full of Morality and Ethics. She never allowed us to work in kitchen, She used to say, ‘Let them enjoy their life’, but why did I never thought the same way for her?? She had so much work to do being in Marwari family, she hardly gave us quantity time.. but we observed her and learnt the Values of Life, lessons of  Spirituality ,Respect ,Integrity, Kindness, and Empathy.

Everyday I miss her, I miss those advices she used to give, how to be a good wife, daughter in law, a loving mother and good human being. She never entertained any kind of complaints. Instead encouraged us to be good  showing us a hope, that one day our goodness will change the other person . Her simplicity and humility made her not less than any saint. Her faith in God made her choose her death day.

During covid times !’ We’ could do all her last rites in Vedic way. All near relatives came to offer their homage to her.. She chose a day Shukla Ekadashi of Adhikmas to exit this world. She had tea with my dad n sister and went to Loo. When she came out of the washroom, she felt cold, imbalanced little ..my dad rushed to support her and there in his hand she dropped her body. She stopped breathing. She was no more. Our world shattered!!!

 In life, we take people who matter to us the most, for granted. We don’t value them, we think we will talk to them later. But !who knows what awaits us in next moment! We don’t express our love ,care, our gratitude to them. One fine day, as life is unpredictable the Person who meant so much to us is gone! Regret, guilt, Memories ,unexpressed feelings are left behind in a sad depressed heart.

Why people praise a person his qualities when he/she is dead? If all the love is expressed when a person is alive…there will be so much more meaning to life. Life will be a Celebration. Love ,Live, Laugh, Share, Enjoy every bit of your presence on this Planet.

God sent his two angels for each Human, to see the Pure divinity and feel his love. They are our Parents. Don’t run to temples or other religious places  if you don’t respect your Parents. God resides in them, your ‘Parents’.!. Serve them!!, Never hurt them by your words or actions. Serving them will be service to God. Know your God in them and Value them, Love them!!!


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