Now a days, spirituality is considered as one of the good habits a person can include in her or his daily routine but what is spirituality or is it even a habit?

Many say spirituality is just believing in god and many say to seek god . 

The very first thing is if spirituality is just believeing god then more than half of the world can be said it? if this huge amount of people are spiritual then the world obviously would be no less than our imaginary heaven.

Then comes spirituality is to seek god .Well that would be more practical if we say spirituality is hunting your hanky and a pair of socks in the cupboard yourself on a busy day .Come on ,this statement sounds like we are objectifying god and it is lost, but we all know from inside that it is us who are lost in this world .Defining god in this post is what i dont want to but for at least i am assuming we all know that god is not someone sitting up there eating chips and watching us suffering and punishing and god is watching you even when you are taking a shower blah blah.

Spirituality means to realise .To realise what?

there are three stages of realisation:-

self realisation,god realisation and to my limited knowledge last one is god concious.

I will make a detailed post on these three realisation,for now in short:-

Self realization is the realization of the soul as omnipresent, and filled with divine attributes. God realization is possessing all of gods attrivutes(infinite bliss ect..) god conciousness is actually becoming conscious of your identity as divinity. You do not just have infinite bliss(god realization) but become infinite bliss(god consciousness.)
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let us focus on self realisation.

In self realisation,

we realise that we are the eternal souls.We become unable to hurt someone ,we always stay in a happiness realising that all are identical and equal and we all are the embidoment of the supreme souls(source) .somewhere an emptiness comes due to this seperation …although we experience divine bliss in this state but it is a mere drop to the bliss further.many siddhis manifest and many secrets get revealed.

I hope before opening this post everyone of you have read the title knowing and realising …maybe after reading this post you may know that you are a soul but for that realisation we really need to do some back breaking work right? 

May be or maybe not even just surrendering ego and becoming compassionate abit of meditation on i amness (self) is enough.

there are many methods of self realisation which we all will discuss in future through posts .till then may you be filled with immense love and satvik mind.

jai gurudev

jai hari har devi om

~A servent of all who are trying to realise 




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