Nature has endowed upon a specific quality to an organism whether living or non-living. Simply said, a dog keeps watch better than any other creature (with an exception of professionals). A peacock is a sheer beauty, the coocoo bird is all sweetness and the horse a warrior and so on (we’re still in the process of exploration). Do you ever wonder why nature has created human being or say what specific quality are we born with? It’s not about having an intelligence in a particular field or an inclination towards something specific. It is not about becoming a doctor, engineer or musician; no professional or educational qualifications will do. These are the traits of an underdeveloped brain (competition and survival). But what about a completely developed brain which the nature has chosen to endow the human on with? Are we made to go beyond all that (competition and survival)? The human mind is a excellent problem solver (but seems to be a outstanding problem creater too). Just because of this inherent quality we are always in search of more. The more of everything and still no contentment. We have been doing all the absurd things since the time immemorial. Problem solving if taken for the specificity of human beings then one is supposed to explore all the questions or problems which one can imagine or think of. Not just the survival problems but all that the human mind can think of. It seems impossible but is quite possible if one happens to get on to the right path under some able authority.