Pranam viewers! On this auspicious day of Janmashtami, I pray to the Lord – may he shower his blessings on one and all. Before commencing my talk, I would like to invoke my Ishta Devata Kamatchi, and my Gurus – Satya Sai and Om Swami. Also, my humble Pranams to everyone, from whom I acquired this knowledge.

To me, the greatest mystery is – how is Krishna relevant even today after about 5000 years? Sure he had/has some extraordinary qualities! Take our current lives, for example. Today, we are entirely different from the way our forefathers lived. As generations advance, there is a change in our attitude and lifestyles. We call it Generation Gap. In such a situation, Krishna is still popular and remains evergreen. As we know, he had many excellent qualities, but what I liked the most was his attitude.

His childhood stories surprise me. Even as an infant, he killed Asuras to preserve Dharma. How could a small child do that? It was due to the state of his mind and inner power. For him, everything was a game. He never thought of winning or losing. It is said that the one who doesn’t resist, and receives an attack without worrying about win or lose, derives strength from the opponent! In Krishna’s case, the only objective of his opponent was to kill Krishna. Maybe, due to the Asura’s evil intention, Krishna got all of his opponent’s strength. Many scholars also say that, even though Krishna was a child, he retained his Divine awareness. Hence, he could do such marvelous deeds.

In the case of Mahabaratha, he won the war just by playing the game as per the universal law. He was responsible but carefree and made everything sound simple. He just acted to the situation rather than reacting. He practiced what he preached in the Bhagavad Gita. In general, we all use our energy in trying to achieving something or the other. While pursuing success, many don’t think whether they are following Dharma or not. That is also the work of Vishnu Maya, the deluding energy of the Lord. And, the easiest way to overcome this is by following Vishnu avatar Krishna’s words! That is, instead of troubling ourselves with responsibility, we can play this life like a game. In Mahabaratha both Kauravas and Pandavas suffered. One was extreme Dharma oriented and other evil oriented. But both suffered in the bargain. Because in this both were working towards achieving something.

The correct meaning of responsibility is the ability to respond well to situations. For doing that, our minds must be calm. Most of this Nature works on the principle of being and doing, not having or possessing. For example, take a coconut tree. The farmer provides water, manure, and other facilities. The tree is just being and doing, without worrying about having or expecting. Due to this quality, Nature provides all the necessary things to that tree.

In contrast, even before starting the activities, a human being begins to worry. If a man starts a business, like running a restaurant, he forgets to focus on providing quality food. Instead, he thinks of everything else and gets lost in his thoughts. In the process, he does not pay attention to his work and then fails. As Krishna said, if he could focus on his work rather than expectations, he might have more chances of flourishing. Similarly, a doctor should feel that my duty is to cure the maximum number of patients. Other things will follow because nature is very kind in rewarding.

Today, on his birthday, the greatest gift we can give the Lord is to follow his words! Hence, on this beautiful day, let’s all resolve to work towards imbibing Krishna’s qualities. Play life like a game and enjoy living.

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Jai Sri Krishna!

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