Hello os.me family,

Today I want to share a lovely incident from Krishna Ji life in my own pearly words which my mom told me and this story tells us about that help each other. Here’s that:

One day, A big devotee of Bhagwan Krishna was roaming around. He took money and food from the houses and in return he gives blessings to everyone. Krishna Ji thought let’s take a test of this priest and he did. As the priest was along the seashore and he saw a small bag full of gold coins. He took that small bag and started going to his home happily and joyfully. When he was going home, he saw a beggar asking for some food or money but, the priest refused and went away. When he was walking joyfully, he saw a diamond which was a small diamond shaped mirror. The priest took the diamond thinking it to be a real diamond and he kept the  small bag of gold. To his surprise when he thought to look at the diamond he saw that it was not a diamond  and it was piece of mirror and during that time the thief came and took the the bag of real gold and ran away.  

While moving along the shore after repenting about the loss, he also saw fishes in a problem and took the fishes from fisherman and kept those two fishes in a pot and thought that he will leave them in the river and he went to the river next day and freed them. As he dropped the fishes in the river, he saw two real diamonds in the river and he asked Krishna Bhagwan Ji that he could take them. Bhagwan came in front of him and said that these both fishes has diamonds in there stomach as you put them in the river the diamonds will came out. Thanking God, he went to his home happily and joyfully.

I thought that when first time he didn’t gave food or money to the beggar, he lost his small bag of gold and when the priest helped those two fishes, he got two diamonds. So it means that even the help to animals also counts. So, this story shows that we should help each other and have a kind nature towards everyone.

                                Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling