As you all know my story…So let’s not repeat it…,😊

M trying to accept the reality that I have to live rest of my life with the beautiful memories we created….!

When I dwell upon those memories, I can’t control my tears…., It gives me a sense of loss that what has been snatched from me was so precious…!

A handsome face which is invisible now for ever… A caring & compensate heart won’t throb any more….!

But at the same times these memories makes me smile, I feel that I am so blessed that I could be with him, in his heart for 21 years…..!

As I was more expressive I used to repeat “I love You” frequently ..He dint say it much but he did…His actions were louder than words… In his opinion repetition lessons the value of what we feel…And we should mean what we say….!😊

My last memory with him is the most precious and most Haunting as well…, After some ritual I just touched his feet, as I always used to do…He held me tight in his arms against his heart which was throbbing rapidly and said ” Tumhari jagah idhar hai, udhar nahi”….!

We could not meet after that, as I had to appear in my 5th Semester of Law examination which I pursued on his insisting…We were supposed to meet on 4th Dec..On the day of my last exams…!

But as God Loved him more than me…He asked him to come…And as he never broke hearts he could not say No…

I could never say a final goodbye as I was not there…When I came to know..He was gone ….!

I will cherish him as I last saw him…Laughing…Full of Life..with Jaldi milte hain ka vaada….!!!

And also will celebrate the day we both said Yes to each other with his wonderful memories….! M sure he will join me too and will hold my hand & will Say..”I love You” & will mean it…!😊😊💐💐




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