So this post was inspired by the post of Akshay ji  where he mentions about the importance of sleep.

I feel i am blessed that i have faced so much due to lack of sleep that i now value my sleep like i value my love for people i actually care about. (Phewee too many values, I’s and my’s😄)

Alright so like everyone i had convinced my self that i am creative person and i need my night time to fully explore my creativity.

Though i had a defence background and discipline was something taken very seriously by all, i was the rebel from beginning…..(i can hear my mother whispering i still am one 🙂

in college during my masters in Mass communication, i used to be up late night doing my projects and reading a lot…(result – i topped my masters)

Also late nights became my best time of the 24 hrs, from projects, messaging friends, listening to their love stories and the strings attached (I was always a good listener) and then later talking to your crush late in the night….yeah i have done all that….now don’t smile..i know you all have been there too… 🙂

anyways so late nights were my best time, infact when my nani fell ill and my mother had to go for a week, and my dad had night shifts, i used to be up all night finishing all the household work by 4 am and then listening to FM radio i used to get ready for my college. ( i wanted to be an RJ and had succeeded too to a level.. a story for some other time)

In short i used to sleep less than 4 hours in a day…and this habit continued till i started working. My mom and dad tried many times to tell me to manage sleep but uss time maa baap ki sunta hi kaun hai 😉

When i was working, i used to be up late night specially during the production week of my magazine where i used to do last moment proof read and planned for my next months’ editorial. So a good sleep was something that never happened to me and i cared for it the least.

Fast forward to few years and i started to fall sick often, not something serious though but lot of weakness, putting on weight and body pain were few symptoms, which had actually started to affect my performance at work.

My husband, who was my boyfriend then, took me for a medical check up. and there came the biggest shock.

At the age of 25 my body’s metabolism was working as per a woman of 42 years. I was shocked beyond surprise. I was sad, cried, depressed and felt the world has ended. Also i had an appointment with my Gynecologist few days after and she gave the biggest shock saying i can not conceive as certain hormones and some other chemicals in the body were  not suitable for  healthy pregnancy (do not know what was her logic but i knew it was something serious as my mother has cried a lot that day, knowing this, one more story i can write about- a big reason that i chose to be a mother even when i didn’t want to )

So as always (by now you all know my dukh harta my hubby) he came to me rescue and suggested an absolute lifestyle change for me. No prizes again for guessing it was not at all easy to follow what all he had planned but now i thank him for all his effort and also i give a pat on my back  for implementing all those measures . 

Lately i realised when i made changes to my sleep pattern i found a drastic positive impact on my mood (i started to shout less on my juniors and office staff) and overall energy. My appetite increased and my weight started to shed off without any physical effort. 

So fast forward to today, i sleep by 10:30 pm (exceptions are always there) and do not get involved in any activity post 10:30 which involves screen time. My sleep is my most awaited time of the day. Even people in my neighbohood makes fun of me that i am an old aunty who sleeps so early.

when people go out for dinner in Delhi at 8:30pm i come back home by 9:00 and prepare for my sleep time. I do not party late , i do not wait to wish people at 12 in the midnight, i am hardly up late in the night even on new year’s eve and i am trying to inculcate the same habit into my daughter.

I have actually realised a good and timely sleep is like a charger for our body, it keeps us charged and energised for many other important activities of the day. 

I hope this post helps you to understand that i got it right the hard way, please do not make the same mistake and take your sleep seriously, as if you are going to listen to me 😉

By the way my next aim is to develop a habit of getting up early in the morning….share your views and tips to help me achieve that goal.

Image by นัธทวัฒน์ วสันต์กนกพัชร from Pixabay