I believe it has been three years since my last visit to Swami Ji for my first initiation. I have met one person Deepshikhar Tyagi, “he said.” He had been praying to the Divine Mother for the last 10 years, and he used to make conversation with her mentally. I was attracted to the word “Divine Mother.” I used to believe that I, too, talked to Lord Venkateshwara until I was 20 years old. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but after he revealed one incident to me, I realised he was not an ordinary person like me. He is a pure soul, and whatever he says, the words are pure wisdom. The incident is when this divine person met our beloved guru, OmSwami Ji, on the first day. He said to Swami Ji, “Swami Ji, I would like to surrender you.” In reply, Swami Ji told him, “You have already surrendered to me 10 years ago.”

I have asked all my silly questions to him. Who is divine mother? Is paravati divine mother or laxmi? If other goddess, who is she? who has given birth to Parvathi, Laxmi, Sarasvati. People says,  ganesha and naryana same, then what is the relationship between parvathi and vishnu, one side vishnu is parvati son and other side, vishnu is shivas wife as  mohini. People says, surya also naryana, if sun also narayana, then shani will be the son of narayana but people says, shani is amsha of shiva. I have expelled all my logical mind question to him which are bombarding throught my life. He didn’t answer single questions, at the same time, he didn’t reject none of them.

He simply stated, “You have received the guru’s blessing; you will learn all the answers; and the divine mother will reveal everything to you.”

You know, still I don’t have answers at the same time. I don’t have any interest in it. I know and the only thing I want is to pray to the divine mother, bow down to the divine mother, and merge into her. That’s it. It is the only purpose of my life. Fortunately, I will always experience divine mother in our beloved guru OmSwami Ji’s presence.

When I first started practising yoga, my spiritual buddy “Geetanjali Bala Chandar” Divine Mother introduced me to OmSwami Ji.

By taking my first inspiration from Sandhya Maa (who started posting lalita shasranamas, gayatri sadhana posts with videos in the Nector whatsapp group), I have started the “Sadhana for Divine Mother” whatsapp group and started posting lalita sahasranama every day. Today, June 10th, the 1000th nama posting has been completed. You know it is divine grace, we are on the way home town to our home today (on the last day) and we are getting darshana of “lalitamba Bhuvaneshwari” Divine Mother in Chunchana Kota temple. (It is now our family goddess ‘kuladyvam’)

Meera Maa, She introduced me to the “OmSwami Sanga Whatsapp group”, where our spiritual queries are answered, where our spiritual experiences are shared and discussed, and she is the inspiration for selfless service and spreading spirituality. For the first time in my life, I have seen the Divine Mother with the purest baava; it is she, By taking her inspiration, I have created many whatsapp groups for Sadhana for forgiveness, Sadhana for Yoga (wellness) etc. Many people have benefited and appreciated it, but eventually I have ended up creating WhatsApp groups completely forever for personal reasons.

Anu Maa, When I was in depression right after my yoga studio closed, she helped me come out of that depression and brought me closer to divine mother with her discourses on Jagadhamba (Divine Mother whatsapp group)If I could not have attended her discourses, I might have completely drowned and slipped from depression to some worse

I am grateful to Mansi Maa, who has given me strength, support and helped me on every step while doing Purushcharana of Gayatri Maa. As a result, I had darshan of the Divine Mother (a glimpse of the Divine Mother dressed as a “Compassion Goddess” in a green sari).

Last but not least, my mother and wife’s prayers are always with me to receive divine mother blessings in every stage of my life.

My wife and I (my two children) have almost completed a year of homam on Lalita Shasranama every weekend, and we have almost daily read Lalita Shasranama. Now, my elder son is completely devoted and surrendered to divine mother (linga biravi form), my wife to Kathyayini form, my self to Lalita maa form, recently fond of Gayatri Maa shrine in Dwaraka, and I daily worship her in our beloved guru form.

Yes, it is true, I can see and feel the “Divine Mother”in every woman and girl. Every day I pay my respects to “Rama Krishana Parama Hamsa” and “Sharadha Maa,” and one day I hope to see the Divine Mother in my wife as Rama Krishna does. I have yet to purify myself, so that I can see the divine mother in every man, every being, and every pect. I’m in process and in progress.

Our entire family’s common goal is to spread awareness of Sadhana App and wellness, so that everyone gets connected to the divine mother, and we selected a path through yoga.

Our family(my wife and two childs) spiritual goal is to do Sri Vidya and get a grace of Divine Mother to merge in her. We wish it would happen by blessings of our beloved Guru, Maa, Ishta “OmSwamii”

Responsibility – Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah : As Swami Ji, reminded us in Sadhan App – Dharma Protects its protector

I’ve been practising yoga for seven years and, on completing my Arhatic Course, have taken Sankalpa. Every month, I contribute 10% of my income to society, when I’m free of credit cards at 15%, when I’m free of home loans and all debts at 20%, and I’ve been doing 7 years at 10%. Since I’m free from credit cards now, I started  15% contribution to society by this May 2022. I posted this message only to inspire others, not to brag

We donate 15% of our income to society, 1 out of which goes to Lalita Maa temple, 1% Sri Rama temple, 2% sadhana app, 2% (omswami.org & Radha Krishna) women’s welfare, 1% for orphans, 1% for swatch ganga, 1% as tips (to laborers), 1% for CMCare, 1% for PM Care, and the 4% for omswami.org or family members.

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Gayatri Maa – Dwaraka 

Gayatri maa - dwaraka Gayatri Maa – Dwaraka