After writing many heavy-duty and intense posts, I thought of penning down something fun and light which you might enjoy reading and I’d enjoy writing. Let me assure you that, today, you’ll at least have a smile on your face before you reach the end of this article. Now I’m not really good at humour, so instead of merely sharing some made-up jokes, I’ll try to entertain you by sharing real-life incidents that everyone will be able to relate to. Yes, this memory lane goes down the funny street in your lives. Come, let’s laugh:

Those good ol’ school days

Some of the best memories we have are from our school and childhood days. Back in my school days, I had a problem with swings and I still do, I just don’t know why. I am scared of flying high. So this once, during my sports period, I gathered enough courage to sit on a swing for a moment. But immediately,  I warned my friends to not push the swing too fast.

All my friends knew of my phobia of swinging too fast, but I don’t know why my best friend, Daal (Daljit), had a problem with my peace. She ran towards my swing and pushed it with full force. I shouted at the top of my voice asking her to stop doing that right then! But Daal paid no heed to my shouting. She was evidently enjoying my agony, laughing out loud. So, At that moment, I felt that it was better to take a chance and jump off. After all, I did not want to die on a swing up high. So swish! I bravely jumped off the moving swing and hurt my head! The onlookers were shocked, except for my dear best friend who was laughing uncontrollably. I was furious. However, now when I think about it, I laugh too, and I want to relive the day with my  laugh at the incident and really want relive that day with my irritating best friend again.

Challenge accepted

Another funny incident, I remember, happened during our sports period, when we were playing volleyball in school. Actually, we were playing catch and throw since we weren’t into the actual sport. Again, my best friend, Daal, started irritating me. She tried to snatch the ball, and I threw it on the ground with full force in anger. Can you imagine what happened next? That ball touched the ground and hit my best friend in the face and broke her glasses. She was angry, and threatened to complain to the principal. Out of ego, I asked her to go ahead and complain. To my utter surprise, she really went to the principal’s office! I was shocked. I was scared. Thankfully, he was in a meeting. I was saved from principal’s wrath by a stroke of luck. We laughed it off later. I was very happy to see that irritated face of my best friend.

What’s in a Name, you ask?

When I grew up, I moved to a hostel. I still remember the first day. My younger sister had accompanied me to drop off me and my luggage. Now, you all remember my post about the difficulty I face when pronouncing ‘S’ and ‘F’ (you can read about it here.) In short, I used to mix up ‘S’ and ‘F’ letters. I will share the funniest experience brought upon by this problem. When I entered the hostel, I asked some of the security guards at the entrance about the list of students’ names with their room numbers. They said that ‘it’ was at the front. However, I found no list there. Their answer made no any sense to me. They repeatedly said the same thing, 3-4 times.

Fed up, I asked my sister to enquire about the list. When my sister asked them, they said, ”Oh! Do you mean the ‘list’? We thought ‘lift’.” I understood the confusion, and also understood why they were all pointing towards the lift. We all burst into peals of laughter. And, that became my introduction to my hostel mates —a day of pleasant laughter at the beginning of my hostel life.

At Sri Badrika Ashram

This one happened at Sri Badrika Ashram. As usual, Swami ji was playing the piano in the temple. He was trying to recall certain notes and people joined in to help him remember by suggesting the names of the notes according to their understanding (experience and memory).  I participated, too, but I don’t know from where the letter ‘P’ came to my mind and I enthusiastically blurted out, “Swami Ji, P”. Swami Ji, with his lovely smile, said, “That there is no ‘P’ and if you want to ‘pee’, please go outside.” The whole temple was in stitches.  

So I just wanted to remind you all: Please don’t forget to smile. My main intention behind sharing these incidents was to urge you all to see the humour in life. You may be facing a tough time right now and you might have had that in the past, too; but I’m sure that even in the middle of the hard times, you have made some beautiful, funny memories.

Sometimes, try laughing at yourselves, too. I know it is difficult to smile in difficult times, but let’s try to. Try shift your thoughts to something good, funny and productive. As promised earlier in the post, I am not ending the post with some didactic words or gyaan (wisdom) as a takeaway from this. Instead, I want to end it on a lighter note. I hope you had a great time, too. Take things easy. Laugh a lot. Keep smiling. If I managed to make you laugh (or even smile)through this post, my mission stands accomplished.