Our Karma in life determines everything. No matter what you think but it is only our karma from our previous lives that determines the quality of life we are having in this life. Everything is predestined, we can not change, reform , make correction or anything. Everything is Determined, our physical appearance, our relationships , our fate, our education, knowledge, Bank Balance, Wealth .. all are predestined, This is called Prarabdha and we have to either enjoy or suffer or in between . We have a free will for this life , we live according to our prarabdha , which is already decided, but , the way we response to our prarabdha is up to us. the way we choose to live because of that prarabdha is up to us. that is the free will and that free will is our kriyamana karma that determines the karma for our next life. Nothing is ever wasted in Nature, Whatever you give, you will receive, if you give love , you will receive love, but if you give hate, you will receive hate. That is the cycle.