Laying in the patches of sunlight ,

Under tree’s shade,

I wanna have a leisurely luxurious time by myself  ,

Wanna lay down and listen to the chirruping of the birds ,

Like some music .

Away from the social and hasty world,

I wanna have a antisocial-peaceful-‘me’ time.

Staring at the clear boundless sky,

Would clear my mind .

On a good summer day ,

It all sounds just perfect to me ,

But that’s when I snap back to reality ,

Realizing it doesn’t exist yet.

(P.S : This is the first time I tried writing a poem  .  I wanted to post a poem from some days and I had this sudden urge to try writing poems . Maybe it’s not that good but hopefully I’ll improve myself more and more at this .

I had a thought about what a magically peaceful time would look like and so this  poem revolves around around the same  .)

With Smiles😊,

Jai Sri Hari 🙏