Have you noticed that there is a mystical allure when we come across foreign words in our readings? There is no reason why that tool should not be a part of our arsenal for our writing! Here are six French words that can add spice up your article.

  1. raison d’etre – The reason why something exists. 
    example – The raison d’etre of this non-profit organization is to achieve the goal of clean drinking water for every member of the village.
  2. pièce de résistance – The most important or remarkable feature. 
    example – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ginevra de’ Benci is the pièce de résistance of Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art.
  3. carte blanche – complete control.
    example – His supervisor gave him carte blanche over making budgetary decisions so that he delivers the project on time.
  4. joie de vivre – cheerful and exuberant enjoyment of life.
    example – At the heart of the joie de vivre that inspires these centenarians to keep celebrating birthdays and cherishing each new day is their ikigai.
  5. faux pas – a socially embarrassing action or mistake.
    example – It is considered a major faux pas to not bow or curtsy when meeting the queen.
  6. c’est la vie – an exclamation of acceptance or resignation when faced with a difficult situation.
    example – Say it with me: c’est la vie. It is all fine.

Image Credit: Samuel Walker from Pexels

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