A mother once took her son to Gandhi.

” He eats too much sugar and its really bad for his health. The doctors say if he doesn’t control, he has high chances of diabetes. Please ask him to stop taking too much sugar.”

Gandhi asks the mother to come back after a month. The mother is puzzled but anyways follows Gandhi’s instruction and goes home.

She came back after a month.

” You should stop taking too much sugar, its bad for your health.” Said Gandhi to the young kid.

The mother couldn’t wait to ask. ” You could have said same thing last time, why did you make me wait a month ?”

” Because a month ago, I was myself taking sugar.” said Gandhi.

Leadership in a nutshell – walk the talk. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

It sounds simple, but not easy. Mainly because our life is cluttered, we have made life complicated. Few years ago I made a decision to just simplify my life. I had 4 side businesses on top of a full time job, plus a full time girlfriend. I was so busy that I didn’t have 10 minutes to meditate, which in hindsight was a sign that I needed an hour, not 10 minutes 😉

Thanks to the Black Lotus community, Swami Ji and the app, life is very different now. Much simpler, joyful and peaceful. I was waiting for some miracle to happen where all I needed to do was lead myself.

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