As a species with maximum cranial capacity, we human beings have mastered the art of learning, understanding, dissecting and assimilating the most complex things, experiences and situations. The most developed species, at the top of the food chain, we gloat about how we have developed such sophisticated technologies that enable us to study something as humungous as galaxies and as minuscule at a microorganism. But in this quest of continuously proving  ourselves intellectually superior than each other, we have lost the grip on simpler things in life. We have forgotten that life is actually lived simply, if it’s complicated then probably it’s not living it’s just surviving!

One such simple thing that our intellect has practically snatched away from us is the ability to let something go. Letting go is actually so simple that our complex mind doesn’t understand, trust or accept the process. It feels that letting go should be painful, torturous and difficult. No it doesn’t have to be that way. If we just accept the fact that there’s something that we have held onto for a very long time and yes we need to work on letting it go then the process becomes much simpler and less painful. If we could come to terms with the fact that letting go doesn’t have to happen today, not right now, it’s going to take time and we are going to give ourselves enough time to get over that experience, or person or relationship, then we will see that as soon as we let go of this need to get over something right away, the process of letting go gets much easier. If we could let ourselves grieve enough and not get scared of the pain then we will realize that grieving and letting ourselves feel the pain is an essential part of healing and ultimately letting go.

Lets say you were in a serious relationship with someone for a couple of years and then unfortunately due to some reason that relationship ended, how do you think it’s normal for you or anyone to get over it in a few days? If you have invested years in something then is it not absolutely normal for you to feel the pain when it’s lost? Is it not normal for your brain to remember those memories that it has stored in all those years? The only way one can get rid of memories is either when they suffer complete memory loss or when they die! Apart from this, it’s impossible not to remember something that has been very significant for such a long time. So why resist? Let the memories come when they come, let them go when they go. Sit with the pain, feel it, challenge it, see for yourself who is stronger – you or your pain? And when the pain decides to leave then let it leave. And tell yourself that this pain might return and when it does I won’t resist it. Give yourself enough time. It’s okay to repeatedly fail, fall, cry as long as you stand up again. It’s okay to take one small step at a time as long as that one small step is towards your growth. It’s okay to go through excruciating pain at times because we know this is the constructive pain not the destructive one. This is the tunnel which leads to glorious sunshine, so keep walking. Because we know that this too shall pass. That one day this pain, these memories, this feeling will fade away and what will remain is a stronger, wiser and a better version of us. Have faith and most importantly always remember ‘if He has brought you to it, He will bring you through it.’