If you think in a way that you know you have achieved something it’s as if you have really achieved it. Knowing isn’t the same as believing. You can believe in something but it’s just a setting in time and space. But if you know that you have achieved something even though you haven’t, it is as if you have achieved it. You don’t have to think about it anymore. You know. It has been achieved.
In this way we can deceive our matrix-mind that constantly wants and plans something, that leads itself and us to some dubious place. When you know that you have achieved something even though it never happened, then the mind no longer has room for its fantasies in vain. Setting things up in life as if you know everything you need and want is a very good mind gymnastics that develops through various meditation practices.
A man who knows has already realized everything that is yet to come. Because all this has always been in the present moment.

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