Learn To Live Effortlessly

Effort Brings Strife.

Our quotidian life is full of strife. No? From the minute we get up till the moment we retire to our beds, our entire day is full with activities. Most of it is routine work. But, at the end of the day, when we go back to our beds, do we retire with a sense of mental satisfaction or fulfillment? Mostly we are tensed, stressed out or worried for the next day. Isn’t this the reality? It means we have strife in our lives. What brings this strife? Well, then we must answer: what is strife? Strife implies struggle. Everyone is struggling in their respective levels. From a beggar to a billionaire, everyone struggles. Of course, in different proportions. And not only humans, every living species is struggling to survive. But I am not talking about the struggle for survival. I am concerned with the psychological struggle, which brings a quality of strife in our lives. Struggle in the natural world is inevitable. But, can we be free of all psychological struggles? What do you think? 

What brings strife is our efforts to achieve a certain end, which implies the activity of desires. Our desires make us strive in this world. This effort to fulfill our desires brings strife. What’s wrong with it? Nothing actually. We have desires, and we should strive to make our lives beautiful. Nothing wrong with that. But when our desires spring from unrealistic wants and when they are not supportive in our growth, then it becomes a problem. Unnecessarily we keep running and making a lot of efforts. In this way, we make our lives complimented. If we think about it, basic requirements to sustain this life are just a few. But our desires are endless. It means our desires are not grounded in reality. They are more like wishes. Why run after every wish? This creates an unnecessary load of thoughts which we keep carrying on our heads. And as a result, we don’t live with ease. 

To live with ease means to live effortlessly. Because effort invariably brings struggle. Now, how to achieve that? 

The simplest way to achieve this is to simplify our desires.

Our lives are complicated because our desires are complex. We should wisely choose our desires. Because excessive desires make us suffer. We should know what we want in life and also what we don’t want. Without this clarity, unnecessary desires, like weeds, will grow in our minds. Desires decide our destiny. So, should we not choose our desires wisely? 

And that’s how we can live effortlessly. 

Have a great life. 🍁 

Thank you.
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