Blog-learn to love the insecurity of life
Life is basically insecure. That is the intrinsic( inherent) quality: it cannot be changed . Death is secure , absolutely secure .The moment you choose security , unknowingly you have chosen death . The moment you choose life , unawares you have chosen insecurity . Such is the law of life something which is not inevitable.
Love is insecure. One never knows the way of life . When it happens it happens , when it disappears it disappears , you cannot do anything about it . Marriage is manageable . The law , society , opinion , morality , religion all props which keep marriage somehow alive . But it is not true life .Be high on life ,Death is inevitable, when the child is born his age is sufficient to die. Therefore , there would not be fear from death.

Actually , nature of law is impended in our life ,which changes the format of our mind with fear against the insecurities   challenges in our life.

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