Today when I pause and take a brief look at my life, I see it in phases, both good and bad.

I remember the happiest of days and the mournful ones.

I can faintly recall the faces of my childhood buddies whom I haven’t seen in ages and the countless others that I’ve met later on. 

l still vividly recall the day when I gave my first fumbling speech at school feeling low in front of my crowd, and also the day when my nomination speech got me elected as the school people’s leader after 4 years.

I remember my first ever job interview, where I got rejected. And the day when I cracked an interview at a big four company. 

There are moments I relive and moments I wish to erase from my memory. 

I remember the times when I took a fall and the times when I rose back strong.

But I don’t remember a day that went without learning.

I do not mean the traditional sense of learning here, but learnings from life itself, from the people that I’ve met and the experiences I’ve gone through, these learnings prepared me to face the worst of situations and to be ready at all times. 

All I’m trying to say is, it’s not needed that something or someone has to stay with you forever when you have learning as your constant companion.