We are all born to do good. and learn many other things. Experiences teach us a lot in life.

I have an experience that also teaches me to not use bad words in another way. It was a good morning. I and my brother ate breakfast. We started fighting for no reason. My brother started crying, and I got a scolding from my dad.

My dad used some bad words while scolding me. After a week or so, we came to our village and enjoyed the days. Again, we started fighting. Finally, we stopped, and my brother used the word “bad” which my dad said. My sister scolded my brother and infromed this to my dad. 

My dad decided to not use bad words since my brother is learning them. He also gave a warning to my brother, to be good and stop using bad words.


Like this, I also learnt to not use bad words. Nature teaches us our mistakes in three steps.

  1. By saying to stop the mistake
  2. By displaying the circumferences
  3. By making you learn by force.

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