Middle class families always fight between their wishes and reality. We always keep our expenses to a bare minimum. Our life is like rain on a summer afternoon. We are happy one minute and might be sad the next. It becomes normal for us to flip between being happy and being sad.

Growing up in a middle class family taught me many things. Walking to school, taking a bus to college, adjusting in every situation, adapting to changes in life and many more.

Taking a bus while we see people in cars, eating lunchbox while we see people spending alot in cafeterias. Saving money while we see people getting expensive gifts, spending time at home while we see people go on vacation.

We do not have any problem with the rich, we are not jealous either. We are only worried about our hardship and pain.

Can love be measured based on gifts we give? Is it not the way how we express? Is it not the way how we care? Yes, the situations in my life taught me how to be kind to people around me, how to love others, how to care someone when they’re in pain, how to put myself in others shoes.

The knowledge of love and kindness comes from experiences. The more troubles we face, the more we appreciate the value of life. And the more we value our life, the more we value other’s too. Nobody can understand their life to the fullest. It’s always like a glass that looks half empty eventhough it’s half full.

Life might threaten us in various ways, but the way we emerge out of the fire will define us who we are. Always believe that life comes with troubles, but it also gives us a gift of smile when we need it the most.

People ask God why good people suffer the most! Good people are god’s favorite, god likes them, he tests them only to see if they like him back. And at every point God’s test turns out to be a failure

People say ‘Enjoy everyday like it’s the last day of your life’! But it’s not as easy as it says. Many people face different problems in life.
Some are financially not stable, some people are mentally ill, some people lose their loved ones, some people don’t have a family, some people fail in a relationship and many more that will take me lot of time to think about and write.

We spin the wheel of fortune and go back with disappointment. We wait for good things in life eventhough we know it takes time or we don’t get it at all. But I’ve begun to learn that we should be thankful for what we have.

Life sends you a bouquet of flowers, it’s you who should decide whether to keep them safe or throw them away!
A quote says : “Happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”! Let’s think positive, let us try to be kind to others whenever possible. We might be sitting right next to someone, we might be talking to someone but don’t realise how broken and sad they are. We better be kind to everyone no matter what’s going on in our life !!

“After all, they say pain and pleasure are both angels of God, we should be grateful to both for gracing us.”



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