“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”― Henry Ford

Like a vast section of the people, I have gone through a very tough life due to the COVID pandemic, but what positives can we take from the pandemic and what has the lockdown taught me? In this post, am going to share the truth and lessons, I have learned in the pandemic phase. The pandemic caused unprecedented havoc and emotional turmoil in all of us and it changed our lives like never before. I found myself struggling to balance my personal and financial commitments. For me, the extended lockdown resulted in sleepless nights and additional responsibilities, as these became my “new normal”. I decided that I won’t let all this impact my emotional and mental well-being, and made some lifestyle changes. In doing so, I picked some lockdown-friendly activities, which have now become my mantras for a healthy and peaceful life.

Each and every thought shared by Swamiji acted as a source of guidance to me in the turbulent times. These thoughts and wisdom helped me to gain a new perspective of this life and enjoy every moment the life presents before us. As the first and the foremost, I started finding happiness in the simple things of life. I realized the importance of the simple pleasures like dancing in the rain, spending time in nature, watching sunrise and sunset, doing meditation in a blissful environment indoor, reading a whole collection of books that I once missed due to busy schedule outside,etc.. This helped me in cherishing the simple things

I understood the importance of health and made it a priority. My former sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits made me obese and I was reluctant to exercise quoting my lack of time. Eating fast foods and hanging outside at the cafe’s reduced naturally in the lockdown and it forced me to eat healthier foods cooked at home. I adopted some basic changes like avoiding frozen snacks and reducing my carbohydrate intake. After doing all this, I get an internal feeling that I am living a much healthier lifestyle now.

I adopted a minimalist approach and within a few days of the lockdown, I realized how much space my non-essentials were occupying. This made me re-evaluate my procurements and pondering over the ways to be minimalistic. Being a minimalist was the best choices for me. The choices reflected on the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the transport I use, etc. Asking myself a simple question like “do I need it ” made me a lot more mindful of each additional things I accumulate endlessly.

I made good use of online connect and tried my best to reconnect with my past friends. During my school days, an argument with a friend had led to a big fight between us. Eventually, we lost contact with each other. I recently came to know that she had not been keeping well. By the rapid boom of social networking, I tried to contact her by means of social media and through friends circle and within a few minutes, we were friends again! This had been my best time to reconnect with long-lost friends and clear any misgivings.

I started doing things that really made me happy. Growing up with multiple responsibilities from managing both my studies and financial aspects, I missed out on some hobbies. During the lockdown, I regained my love for cooking as I experimented with various cuisines. I love dancing and saw many youtube videos and learnt new ways that are currently emerging. I have also found a new way of connecting with like-minded folks in the virtual world.

I am very grateful for Swamiji for sharing these ideas through his powerful speech and writings. I am always seeking the divine blessings to lead a good life in the coming future.


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