There are so many lessons to learn from a tree,
Rooted deep in humbleness it still has the power to rise high free,
Even after the absence of a free will, it portrays the strength to simply be,
What I learnt is something that for yourself you should see!

The greatest lesson of how hate corrodes others as well as you,
Is something I finally understood when I observed a tree with leaves full of dew,
Those condensed drops happen to tell me a story full of wisdom’s brew,

“It says, what if, oh human, I corrode you with the same hate you corrode others?
Don’t you know every infinite straight line has to end in a circle?
That law is which is known to you by the name of karma,
Yet you corrode others with the presence of hate and power; the base of this dilemma,

What if for every tree you cut, we trees go on a strike and stop giving you oxygen,
Will that not kill a part of me is what you should know as realisation,
We all are dependent somehow or the other,
Then why that arrogance of “I” in you and your brothers?

Every moment you kill me you kill and deprive others,
What is that use of free will,
Which happens to make you highest among all,
Yet we who have no will as such, who are silently everyday butchered,
We sacrifice ourselves for spaces you need,
Yet we are not scared to give you fruits and shade as that is our only deed,
What came as a boon to you,
Is something which makes you way more scared and bitter,
And then you call that humans have free will and hence they are here for the better?

What use of that free will if you are destroying yourself and nature,
Such depriving ignorance in you that you still think that you are the most powerful creature!
Every time you call this will free,
Which is ultimately a slave of emotions and desires and judgements and impressions,
You will understand what you call power is nothing but slavery,

It’s your ignorance that makes you feel happy,
And hence you state don’t you, “Ignorance is Bliss”,
But when knowledge shall shine upon you,
You shall know what true power is,
What you call as your will, will fade into divine will itself,

Then you will know what you call as darkness,
Is nothing but a light of higher or maybe a lower intensity
After all, you only perceive according to your level of perception, don’t you?
For all that you call, the pain might be a higher sacrifice to greater gain?

Then you will know what you call as curse is no absolute in itself,
But a possibility to open realities of the never perishing ‘Self’,
Oh, human, I might not be able to speak words like you,
But sync your energies to mine,
And you will know me and you are ultimately the parts of the same DIVINE”

~Vedant Ranadive

Everyone talks about conserving nature and this that, I don’t understand sometimes why do we consider ourselves as something external to nature? We are made up of five elements and we are going to rest in Mother Earth’s embrace after our death, then why do we need to see ourselves as something external to Prakriti or nature? 

Thank you all for reading till here. Glories to Divine Mother and Swamiji!

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