I won’t say I am a well experienced person when it comes to lessons learned in life. But, yes I have had people around, whose experiences have taught me that life has many facets.

I have had my own share experiences, but when I sat down to ruminate what I gained from my experiences and from the experiences of people around me I learned few simple things.

1. Start loving yourself as, there are many people who hate you for no reason.
2. Follow your dreams, as whatever you do people are still going to talk behind your back.
3. Enjoy everyday as it comes, as some people will always be there to ruin it.
4. Brag about your achievements, as there will always be someone ready to pull you down.
5. Celebrate even the smallest victories as, there are people waiting for you to fail.
6. Dream, as some people will want you to have nightmares.
7. Spread positivity, no matter how good you are there will be people around you spreading negativity.
8. Perform, as there will always be someone to ruin the show.
9. Smile, as people are waiting to see you cry.
10. Speak up, as people are ready to mute you.
11. Create, as many are here just to destroy.
12. Believe, as whatever you do you someone will disregard your belief.
13. Just keep it simple, there are many to complicate your life.
14. Be original, even though you might be called fake.

There will many more such points in everyone’s life. I have learned it the hard way, that whatever you do there is one person to go against you or stop you. So instead of getting scared of that person or situation you might as well enact and then face the consequences. But while doing so, don’t be the person creating such negative situations in someone else’s life. Live your life your way, as you can never fulfill everyone’s expectations.

Be positive to eradicate the negativity from your life.

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