Don’t drive faster than your

Guardian angels can fly…

Don’t say I love you,

If you plan to say goodbye…

Do to others only,

What you’d want to be done to you…

And never be ashamed

of anything you do!

It sounds so simple

Should be a piece of cake…

But, we’re just humans,

With our mistakes to make.

So always strive to hardest

To be the best you can…

Never take a shortcut

That might hurt your fellow men.

Walk the straight and narrow

If temptations call to you.

And make the angels proud 

Of everything you do!

It is not a tricky poem for a person to understand it …. It has a very simple meaning that don’t say I love you to a person just for time pass, don’t spoil someone’s life and do that things to others which you want to make happen for yourself because ‘karma’ returns if you do good to others good things will happen with you there is a simple meaning that 

“Do good have good”. 

We should never feel ashamed of ourselves because in this world no one is perfect, we all make mistakes in life. We just want to learn from them and try not to repeat it.We should always do hard work to achieve the best things in life. I wanna say you all that never take shortcuts in life bcoz there is 

” no elevator to success you have to take the stairs “. 

We can’t succeed by taking shortcuts. We can’t achieve success without hard work.

But the best part of the poem and the thing that we all should apply in our life is that if we know that the thing we r doing is wrong than we should be 

“walk straight and narrow” which simply means our way of living should be honest and morally proper. We should make everyone proud on us by our deeds💕

               Author – Palak Bedi