Our Ancestors always lived in harmony with Nature and used to preach the same. They used to Respect, fear, and worship nature, such as fire, water, air, land or animals. Was it lack of knowledge, the awareness that our ancestors have specific rituals related to that, or how to stop the humans from destroying the Nature? It was usually said that if we fool around against Nature, there would be consequences like Earth Quake, Fire, Cyclone, Floods, and Tremors, etc.

Water is one of the natural ingredients also had certain taboos attached to it. Being considered one of the most important essentials for living beings and consisting of 70% of both the earth and the human body giving in supportive evidence for the perfect harmony of humans and Nature.

There are few things which we can learn from Water:

1.      Clarity of thought: Imagine two glasses of water one filled with crystal clear water and another with mud in it, we can easily see through the one with crystal clear water, and it is nearly impossible to see through till the soil settles down. If your thoughts are clear, then it is straightforward to find the right answers within.

2.      Always keep moving: Stagnant Water after some time starts smelling and gives a pungent smell, and no living organism can survive in it whereas running water remains fresh. Likewise, if you stick to a point and don’t let it go after a certain period, you will hurt yourself and others attached to you.

3.      Give Life: Every living being cannot sustain without Water; it needs it to survive whatever the quantity and frequency may be. Similarly, learn to render a hand to people in need and always be a reason for someone to smile.

4.      Be consistent: it is an ancient saying that whatever the circumstances are Water makes a way out and rivers change their practices. What could be the reason behind that is it the force or the power. A marble Shiva Linga is also pierced by the drops of water falling on it, and the only reason behind is the water’s consistency. It’s not the force, not quantity it is the consistency so to be successful be consistent.

5.      Learn to adapt: Water neither has its colour, neither taste nor form the beauty of Water is it takes the shape of the utensil in which it is kept, becomes the colour which is mixed into it and takes the taste of the flavour which is added into it. Thus, one who is flexible enough to act as per the situation is the one who can survive the pressure and goals.

6.      Don’t Differentiate: one of the best quality of water which needs to be adopted by every human being is never differentiated as Water doesn’t distinguish between people on any basis.

7.      Know your worth: Water knows what its worth is right from saving life to quenching of thirst. Similarly, every individual has the strength and everyone has their respective qualities that can be created and worked around.

The formless, tasteless good for nothing Water is the one that actually has the true essence of life and always provides the lifelike lessons to learn from. Thus, it is true that if we live in perfect harmony with Nature, we are happy and content.

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