Attachment to things be in material, physical, emotional or mental can at times be a heavy load to carry for many. I have come across so many people who are attached to material things which are of no use to them and can help someone else but no “we will not part with it”… They fail to see and realise that one day they have to part with it however much they may cling to it… so why not give it up now and be happy and make others happy too.

We all go through life accumulating attachments to children, families and loved ones.We are tied to our identities of wealth, achievement, righteous beliefs and everything that gives us a false experience of love. Why?? Because all these attachments are transient, hence it has to follow that though we may accumulate our needs and desires in life, it is this attachement to having them that has to be given up.
Very few are born brave enough to go through life without a care in the world and fear is a dominant emotion that makes us cling to what we possess.We constantly live in the fear of losing what we hold most dear. We should learn to give up this fear and attachments by surrendering to “GOD”.

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