This post was written by me in a mail when I resigned from my job.

As a typical software engineer, I was unhappy from my job. What was worse than the unhappiness was the constant stream of negative thoughts I used to get from it everyday and I used to curse all the people that were responsible for my situation. Every day I wake up thinking I have to go to the place where I don’t want to go.

Slowly I started feeling that my life is not good enough.

On and on I kept on going like this for 2 years and one day I asked myself, do I see myself here in next 5 years and the answer was a big NO. I didn’t had any responsibility, financial or marital as such. Then why I’m doing this to myself and my life.

And this is what I wrote in the email.

As the saying goes a goodbye not said is not a goodbye at all.

As things come to an end, we all tend to look towards the negativity and wrong, be it a job, relationship or friendship.

But as we look in the past, we find that our journey is made up of all the good and bad moments that make us the person who we are today.

It is really up to us how we choose to walk throughout our journey. We can either choose to walk peaceful and free or be worried and unhappy at every step of our moment.

Whatever we choose, it is ultimately our choice. We should be able to give 100% in it and if we find hurdles at every step of our journey then we should learn to let go of whatever’s holding us back.

Sometimes to reach your full potential you need to let go of the things you are holding and make way for the other things to come.

And when you shed all your unnecessary baggage, you will only find yourself beneath it.

Light, free and unstoppable.


Come to think about it, anywhere we are, it is ultimately our choice to be in that moment. Yes, I agree sometimes you can’t do anything about a situation, you have responsibilities, but we should really learn to live peacefully in that moment.

What I found more after I left the job is that, it was not the job or anyone that was holding me back, it was only me. I didn’t take a stand when I needed to, I didn’t spoke up against the wrong when I had to, I kept on stuffing the negative feelings inside me when I should have stood up and do something about the situation. I really tried but maybe it was not enough. And on and on, it went building up inside me affecting my life.

We all should know the art of letting go of things, moments or thoughts that are not making us peaceful. You won’t even know you are holding onto something that is making you unhappy or sad, we have to think and ask ourselves what’s holding us back and can we really do something about it. And once you have found it, you can solve it, and once you solve it, there’s no more baggage.