Ever wondered how much we deprive ourselves from the beauty that life has to offer just by caging ourselves in those limiting beliefs and barriers of conditioning.

“I want to do this but it doesn’t suit my age”

“ I would like to explore that but it won’t go well with people around me” etc etc etc……..

Those barriers of self image that we hold so dear are actually the culprits that don’t let us experience the real beauty of life. Before  you are a father, a mother, a husband , a wife, a teacher , a student or whatever role you choose to play in your life; you’re a spiritual being in a human body trying to experience life through your senses and intuitions. When you think of yourself only as a role and forget the whole, you miss so much in life.

Let it free, let it be 2

So just untie yourself and let your spirit be free of those barriers. I hope this little poem inspires you to do that as much as I was inspired while writing it down:

From the mind’s eye I spotted a cage,
Of limiting beliefs, of gender, of age!

I spread my wings to fly upward,
And banged into those wires so hard!

“No way, I can’t get out of here”,
Said my mind in complete despair!

“Hey, look” came a voice from inside,
And I saw the door was open from a side!

I pushed with hope and Voila!! it opened,
I could now fly, not a reason to be frightened!

I soared up high in sheer joy and bliss,
When the spirit is free, nothing is amiss!!”

Let it free, let it be 3

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