There is fire around…

Forests are burning down… 

Fuming smoke, churning ash…

Forests are born

Forests are burnt

Life happens


See the lotus how it blooms

As if there’s incense around

In the muddy waters

It embraces the little drops

As if embracing life

Let life happen


It’s not for you alone

The forest is burning

Because you are not alone 

In the muddy waters

For the exact rationale

It happens to everyone

Let life happen


Become like the Sunflower

See how it blooms

See how it bows to the Sun

Bow down like that…

To the Divine Light

Within and outside…

O My heart shine bright

Let Life happen



Let life happen

Laugh… laugh and laugh

Let life happen

Hehehe… hahaha…

Take it easy and light

O My heart!

Let life happen