“First case of ‘Florona’ detected in Israel.” Breaking news was flashing in the television during morning hours.

Aren’t we feeling tired of listening variant after variant of this blessed Corona-virus.

Well, recently, I have come across a very good news.

See, I wish to put a disclaimer here, well before moving further. I am not a specialist in this field. I mean, not at all. I am just a plain news reader. That’s it. Plus, you can call me a Philanthropist. God.. this looks a heavy word. Lemme replace it. To be more accurate, I am a well-wisher of mankind and based on my gut feeling, at times I derive some conclusions.

I think, all of have gotta know about Omicron. This newer variant was in news not just because it’s harmful or something, rather some renowned medical veterans have quoted this as a vaccine for previous variants. And some specialists have even claimed this to end COVID permanently.

Isn’t this amazing..!!

The moment I read this, I jumped with joy, with scintillating vibes. I immediately bowed down and felt gratitude for Mother Nature. I had a strong feeling that after all Mother is always kind to her kids. In my view, we all are Her kids only. She doesn’t differentiate, be it human, be it virus or any other being. She has to care each being. Viruses, bacteria, etc need their natural habitat and Mother Nature is concerned for making arrangements for all.

Millions of bacteria are already residing within us, and rather in every creature. This Corona-virus was already living in many other animals and those animals were happily living with it. Even, as far as I think, many humans across the globe are already surviving even with this virus. Plus, this virus has also changed itself in many ways as to persuade humans for letting it live there. They need habitat. 

I am surprised at the arrangement level of Mother Nature.

See, I am not in denial of any precautions thereof. Of course, we must take all the necessary care and measures to deal with the pandemic. Only thing, I am just revealing it’s another factor that there is a Supreme Power way above, to take our care, and we all must be thankful for.

To some extent, we as a whole, the Global-residents are responsible for such responses of Nature in terms of the warning signals for correcting only.. for our betterment sake. We ourselves need some corrections, like being more environment-friendly, treating other creatures as being equally important for the eco-system, using natural resources judiciously, and so on.

I may be wrong in whatever I have written above. I emphatically beg for a humble pardon if I have hurt even a single reader of this post, in any way. I know a number of lives we have lost during these less good times.

I wish each one of us live healthy, to the fullest.

Jai Sri Hari. 🙂

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