Your name is my boat that will
sail me towards Your shore
I know You have been waiting
for us there, from a long time
to come and merge into You

I crave to go there, to fall onto Your
lap and rest peacefully. I want You to
stir my consciousness enough so that
it will help me row faster towards
Your shore

Oh Hari! Forgive me for what I have
become today and make me worthy
of Your darshan once. I know I am
your mischievous child who gets
enchanted by colourful balloons

swaying in your earthly fair. I fall into
the snares of illusion disguised as
rainbows and get mesmerised by all
the transient shadows. I forget You and
get stuck within this Ferris wheel of time

I am tired of running, dear Hari!
Now I just want You to caress my
consciousness softly with Your feather
and sail me towards You. Today, let the
Hari naam help me merge into You.