I also want to be child-like….

Now that Medha Shri ji has given us an open invitation, so let’s all become a child, if not more , just for six days at least…

कुछ पढ़ा लिखा जाए…
गाया गुनगुनाया जाए..

Its the time to disco….
Na… Na…
Its the time to Likho…
Kaun pade yahan kisko…

Now the next hurdle – what topic to write on, how to choose it???

Actually, not everyone is blessed with natural talent to find topics, like Meera om ji, the one who, already, is a winner of this sweet competition 😊😊😊. Yes, Meeraji, you have won many a heart. You are our saviour during these gloomy days of pandemic . Your small small write ups are so full of entertainment. You know, I had been skipping them all, feeling that of what use it would be to read them…. The pics and headings were sort of weird.😊😊 Yesterday, somehow, I happened to read one such so called weird write up of yours. And….. and immediately I realised what all I had been missing.
So…. In one single day I read more than 20 of your articles🤗🤗🤗🤗. And thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank u ji.

Now I know its my mind which is sort of weird. So I have tried to tighten the loose nut bolts of my mind today😀😀. And let myself loose free…..

Bless me friends🌼🌼🌼 as

I HAVE TO become a child….

मुझे बच्चा बनना है…. एक बार फिर



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