Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way🎶🎶

Santa Claus is coming around, riding on the sleigh🎶🎶

Merry Christmas everyone! Since morning I’m observing a special trend on social media specially in WhatsApp groups that whenever someone sends Christmas wishes, one or two group members are sending the messages of Happy Tulsi Pujan Diwas only. It’s a different thing that they may not have themselves performed Tulsi Puja today or even ever. Same was the situation on New year when someone I know was refusing to observe new year on 1st January and to celebrate Hindu nav varsh but when the date of the Hindu Nav varsh arrived, he just forgot to celebrate or wish people! I can’t really understand that why we can’t celebrate both. In my understanding, the purpose of all these festivals is to celebrate and to share happiness and blessings among all. If we are performing Tulsi Puja in the morning then what is the issue in giving Lord Jesus or Santa’s blessings also alongwith the message of Tulsi Pujan diwas during the day. Why can’t we celebrate both dates of new year? 

We all know internally that God is one and what I have learnt through spirituality that there is only one superpower that can bring heaven back on this Earth and that superpower is the power of Love. When we understand the power of love and our own responsibility towards mother earth, we are bound to become love itself. Each creature on this earth, each religion, each language, everything seems to be one. Our soul purpose should be to send good ,positive vibrations to the environment. Believe me, that is the only way for the transition from Kalyuga to Satyuga. Spreading happiness, love and smiles whenever we find any chance to do so is our duty. This way we will be able to uplift other souls around us. 

For evolving our own soul also the foremost requirement is to love ourselves and others too. So let’s not forward any such messages which are discarding one thing to promote the other. Let’s promote multiple occasions to celebrate to deliver happy vibes to mother earth along with our own body, mind and soul! My wishes for everyone:

I hope the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your heart and home with love, joy and peace now and forever. 😊🙏



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