As soon as December starts every year, we all get very excited about the new year and as always every year we try to get a new resolution and we all achieve it.Some from listing:

😊I will invest one hour for yoga ON DAILY BASIS.

😊 Will work on my balanced Temperament.

😊 I will help some willing horses(underprivileged) of my earning.

😊Will revive my childhood relationships                                     


And hence the list goes On and On.Such priority listing gives a new direction to our life. I think success and failure which means different in everyone’s life mark a lot of impact on one’s mortal life.  When “Success” steps in we do bloom and blossom. We Cherish. We feel above the horizon. But what if “Failure”steps in?Why shouldn’t we just  immersed in the celebration of these Temporary Halts just like we drown in the smallest and biggest successes? Yes, for us it works like filling oil in a wick , gives a new light, gives a new courage that gives us confidence that our success will be brighter than ever.Mentioning an incident from life of  a very great scientist/inventor Thomas Alva Edison-Once fire broke out in his laboratory that ignited thousands of experiments done by him. When he reached that place with his wife and child, he said that the “Evils of my past with this lab were also blown away”. This is how we can paint our life with hues of positivity, laughter, bliss and many more Celebrations!! Wishing you all a very warm 2021 and may this warmth flow throughout your life. Its a nascent beginning of Celebrations.