Hello everyone! 😃  missed me? :’) unfortunately nothing extraordinary happens in my life :’) but i still love to write on os.me for all of you 😽  because whenever i see some good bhajans of your isht devtas… i love to share those songs with all of you 🤩. So today i put some bhajans of bhagvati in my bag so that i can gift it to all of you 😆  unfortunately…. i have so good bhajans for devi and vishnu… but i never saw a good bhajan of my shiva ☹️😣 i have some bhajans of shiva but the bhajans filled with emotions and blissful vibes are very less on YouTube 🤣 ok….(i know i talk a lot) so i have given the list of bhajans down 🤩 

1) https://youtu.be/5eWw9z3bqmM 

Ashtlakshmi stotra beautifully sung by a lady 🤩 

2) https://youtu.be/i4a9-7bb41E 

I heard somewhere that maa comes everywhere at any time wherever her mantra is chanted 🤩 so i thought to gift this Maa Durga’s beautiful mantra… which is very very pleasant and calming to hear 🎶😽

 3) https://youtu.be/SW3gS6hPX8Y

how can we forget our navaratri supermom… maa bhavani? 🤩😽 so i pasted a link of Bhavani ashtakam here. 🤩 

4) https://youtu.be/J-VNDyK4cLs

Seated on a jeweled throne… the goddess of the infinite cosmos 🤩 with her four beautiful red arms she gifted us with lalitha sahasranaam 😽🤩. 

5) https://youtu.be/p9YkDeTij90

This is the mantra of the devi… which glorifies her in simple words… but with extraordinary meanings 😁💞 she is omnipresent 🤩 

6) https://youtu.be/3qm7EuDMM7c

Shyamala dandakam…. 🤩 written for mata Raj matangi 🎶😽  it is presented really beautifully by the singer 🤩 as though the instruments too are singing with the singers 🎶🥳

7) https://youtu.be/A-H7DubgqDI

Why only mata lalitha? 😌 let’s add mata saraswati also in the conversation 🤭🤩 so this link is of saraswati stotram 😁 

8) https://youtu.be/UqwUaqonJYk 


These 2 are rajrajeshwari ashtakam 😌 now it’s your choice to choose any one from them and stick to it 🤭 personally… i like to listen to both of them 🤩😂

So we ended up here 😂 hey… don’t go anywhere 🙂 don’t forget to tell me if you liked the bhajans or not 😂 

Tata ❤👋😂


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