Let’s Get Lost



The sun is up.

A new morning has spread its lights.

The birds are abuzz.

And the world is already in move.


But I know how you feel—

Like your life has stopped for many days;

It’s the everyday rut.

Weighed down by thousand worries,

Fearful of tomorrow’s uncertainties—

There’s a load you carry.

And no port in sight:

To just unload and lie awhile. 


Your heart aches to rush

To the mountains,

Where you are most at ease;

Or perhaps, to the seas—

Where you can drown all your sorrows

And come up afresh

As a new life. 


Hair is turning gray,

The body is getting older day by day…

And you wonder—what’s 

Left in life? 

What’s there to achieve? 

What am I supposed to do? 


You have no clue. 

But with stoned eyes you see, the world is happily

Moving. As if it’s only you

Who is a total fool!


O sadho, you are not alone.

I am confused too.

We all are. 


Take some deep breaths.

Go out and get lost

For some time. 

Maybe to your favourite mountains,

Or the deep dark sees. 

Who knows:

You may find yourself! 

Thank you.
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