Diwali has always been super special. Many memories are still as fresh as it was just yesterday and bring smiles back on our faces… Food, Fuljhari, and “Fataka” were always the key ingredients of this Festival.

As a child, it was time to flaunt our experience, skills, and risk-taking abilities on a variety of “Fataka” ranging from Tikali-packs, Reel-wali-bandook, Lal-Mirchi-bomb, Laxmi-Bomb, Sutali-Bomb, and Big-Atom-Bomb (sorry the word “FireCracker” won’t do justice here) along with Rocket, Anaar, Chakri and so many verities. And like many, we invented our own timer... an Agarbatti tied to one that creates the Biggest Sound :) and lighting it up late in the night to shake the neighborhood ;)

Let’s light a lamp tonight • शुभ-दीपावली 2
Let’s light a lamp tonight • शुभ-दीपावली 3
Let’s light a lamp tonight • शुभ-दीपावली 4

and now after so many years, and away from India, I miss that and the opportunity to celebrate it in the same way. We however celebrate & enjoy this festival as best we can. Sometimes finding spontaneous and creative ways to find joy & fun in our celebrations.

With time and age, I realized the true meaning of this festival and its significance. While all ingredients of this festival are still important, I feel cheers and smiles should reflect more in relations and things around us, and with those thoughts, I am sharing the two poems I wrote for this special festival. 


रौशन रहें...
आँखों में ख्वाब, लब पे मुस्कान
नयनो में दुलार, मन में अरमान

रौशन रहें...
प्रयासों में लाभ, सफलता की प्यास
माटी का मोल, मानवता में विश्वास

रौशन रहें...
परिश्रम में श्रेय, जीवन में ध्येय
रिश्तों में प्यार, दिल में अहसास 

दमकते दिलों से, सजे शुभ-आकाश
छटे अँधियारा, और बिखरे प्रकाश


Let’s light a lamp tonight

Let’s light a lamp tonight
Search within, and get insights
What to carry, and what to fight
Let’s light a lamp tonight

Let the lamp then, brighten life
Allow the world to feel the vibe
Show the darkness, a brighter side

Let’s light a lamp tonight

wish everyone a very Happy Diwali


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